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Thamos Amelia

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The Technology Leader reviews - they did good job

One of my friend said about the Technology Leader company services and they are giving their best. So that last week i went to that office to know more details about the company.The Technology Leader is the located in MG Road. I meet the person named Raj, such a nice guy. Whatever i ask him he replied very well. My Questions are based on Web Designing, Website Maintanence,Hosting Services etc. Price wise they gave some offer which is very useful for all type of business.
They shown some websites which they designed. Those are really creative and professional.I decided to give some website project to them. Then i ask them to do one website for my business purpose. The Technology Leader Web Design team ask me about my requirement how the website needs to be. Then i gave a long description about my needs and the team members in The Technology Leader understand what i want and they showed me some layout design like which ever i expected. After two days they called me and said that the website is done and they updated in live. The main thing is after that, whichever changes i said they completes so soon and they updated me through mail and also through phone. I like the services they provide mainly their response to the clients is very nice.

Name: thamos
website -
Четверг, Июнь 23, 2016

the technology leader great company good response

Great Company. Hired them to do my site and they did an excellent job. once i went the technology leader company those given good response to design...........
Среда, Июнь 22, 2016

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