Отзыв о Mylocker от El Graves

Horrible Company...Does not care about the Customer

If I could give 0 stars I would. This company is very unprofessional and is NOT customer friendly. The manager refused to take accountability for the company's mistakes and replace the order. She met me half way and would only replace one sweatshirt for my daughter with autism (sever sensory issues). She ordered the replacement in the wrong size. I kindly told her I would mail the wrong size replacement back and it was a mistake on their part. I got a not so friendly defensive e-mail back stating that they will no longer continue to replace my order for me EVEN THOUGH THE REPLACEMENT THEY SENT WAS THE WRONG SIZE. So, they refused to honor the original agreement and even replace the one sweatshirt. They are asserting their power and now making it difficult for me and now I must send ALL the items I ordered back and they will refund my order. All I wanted was for them to correct their mistake, instead I was made out to be a difficult customer and I can't send the entire order back as I threw the wrong items out as they said they didn't need them back, I only have the wrong size replacement. So now, they refuse to correct my order (even though it was their mistake) and I can't get my money back because they will not do it without me mailing the entire order back which I can't do because the originally told me they didn't want them back, so I threw them out. This has been a nightmare and Kim from mylocker will just argue with you and not accommodate the customer. I also asked for the owners name or to have someone higher up contact me and I was told she was the highest.

The worst thing about this is that I sent a heartfelt message explaining my daughter's disabilities and that she was very excited for this sweatshirt. This is for a middle school student and their website defaults to adult sizes, so they claimed it was my fault. Anyway, She became uncontrollably upset when the sweatshirt was too big and I was able to calm her down because (after much arguing) they agreed to replace only one sweatshirt for her. They then didn't properly read my e-mail and reordered the wrong size, when the replacement size came and it was too small the meltdown was worst than the first (she is about 6 years behind mentally and has severe sensory issues and fixates on certain things and this sweatshirt was a big deal to her. Mylocker didn't care, in fact the refused to take accountability for sending the replacement in the wrong size and NOW basically told me they won't replace it in the right size, I must mail ALL my items back to get a refund of money and if I want it in the right size, I have to go back on their website and redesign it and reorder it and start all over again! What? They were going to replace it but they won't take accountability they sent it in the wrong replacement size and now are refusing to work with me and blaming this on me. Worst customer service experience I have ever had in my entire life. I am appalled that they wouldn't be more understanding that this is for a child with autism. This is going on 3 weeks of arguing with them and my daughter is so sad everyone else has spirit wear and she doesn't. Now, my locker won't even work with me anymore and my daughter is devastated as she has been eagerly awaiting the replacement and she took the time to design it and everything which was a huge accomplishment for her. Really an uncaring company.
Вторник, Ноябрь 1, 2016

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